MapGML Version 7.7
MapGML V7.7 for Highways, VectorMap Local, ITN and Topographic £ 980 plus VAT.
MapGML Annual Maintenance £ 245 plus VAT.
ProPrinter Version 6.5
ProPrinter is By Design's Mapinfo TAB file viewer and plot production system. A Single licence of ProPrinter is priced at £ 150 plus VAT. However in many situations, multiple copies of the software may be required. In this case, By Design offer a multiple copy discount. The table below gives details of the multiple copy discounts for the ProPrinter software.
Annual Maintenance is 25% - so £ 2775 plus VAT per annum for Authority Licence.
Number of Copies of ProPrinter
Unit Price x 1
Unit Price x 4
Unit Price x 7
Unit Price x 15
Unit Price x 28
Unit Price x 50
Department Licence
Unit Price x 25
Authority Licence
Unit Price x 74